Leaving the Country


Woke up at 5am, left for the airport at 5:30am, jumped on the plane at 8am, arriving in Atlanta at 9:03am, departing Atlanta 11am, arriving in Cayman 12:41pm

After being asked the question “what are you most excited about” the team responded: 

Joe- clear water 

Jesse- leaving the country for the first time 

Paul- using soccer for Christ

Cheese- exploring and meeting the beautiful people of the Cayman islands 

Nate- meeting some local people

JB- to roam the streets spreading the word 

Izzy – just trying to make friends

Henry- pursuing relational ministry with the local campers 

Ham- getting to experience a new culture 

Boz- To see how the Lord uses us and excited to see how we come together as a team while over seas

Jonny- snorkeling 

John- alone time with Jesse Riggs 

Ethan- play a lot of soccer 

Buzz- team bonding 

Josh- everything 

Matt- team bonding 

Kenny- taking a nap between here the Atlanta and Caymans

Carl- learning the stories of locals and spreading the word 

Caleb- can’t wait for some quality cuddle time with JB

We will send more post once we arrive and get settled in on the Island


Carl “I’m not Indian” Simakoff 


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