First Day Fully Baked



Cayman Dehydration Photo from Fully Baked First Day


First day of travel over – fairly uneventful, other than boarding and deboarding two planes in Atlanta before getting a third plane that could get us to the Caymans without mechanical problems and could meet the minimum takeoff requirements of weight to lift coefficient ratios. I am not sure if Bill Nye could have understood the pilot’s explanation as to why the second plane would not be our chosen aircraft. But finally, the third aircraft was to be ours. Missing lunch, but filling our carry-on bags with Delta provided bags of Oreos, pretzels and other nutritious snack food, took the sting off a travel day that started for most around 4:30 am.

Once we had wheels up in Atlanta the flight was uneventful. We landed to a sun soaked afternoon with a temperature and humidity index that would rival the fiery furnaces of old. Let’s just say our sweat was sweating.

First training session was great, though it had to be shortened due to heat and long travel day. We closed the first day with dinner at Coconut Joe’s. I am not sure if the food was as great as we thought it was or if we were simply famished. I say a little of both.

We closed the day with Coach Boz sharing insights from Paul Tripp’s book, “New Morning Mercies”. While rules of the trip dictate lights out by 11:00, most had already been turned off and players have turned in.

It is going to be a big day tomorrow with early morning training session and much anticipated game with the U-20 Cayman National Team.

More to follow tomorrow regarding our adventures in the Caymans.

We have come from the Mountain and we are here to serve. Keep us in your prayers.


1 thought on “First Day Fully Baked”

  1. Welcome you guys will have lots of fun here in the beautiful Cayman Islands hope this adventure is what you expected and more.


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