Georgetown Match 

Yesterday we played the George Town club soccer team. The team was composed of a range of talents and ages. It included the most accomplished soccer player in Cayman history, Lee Ramoon, and some players who still are in love with game, like our bus driver- Schmidty. Overall they were talented and possessed the ball really well but lacked fitness to keep up.
 The result was good but the conversations throughout and after the game are what we are most excited about. After the game we prayed with the team and thanked the Lord for the opportunity and ability to play the beautiful game together. 

When we asked the other team if they would pray in the middle of the field with us, they gladly accepted. However, their willingness to pray with us may come from their easy going nature.

Please be in prayer for more conversation with the members of this team as well as with the kids who will be participating in our camps Monday-Friday. Please pray that the spirit open hearts and guide us to reflect the glory of our Father.

Nate Mackey 


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