Day 3 of Camp


Starting the third day of camp, I was in high spirits despite my tired legs. The first few days of camps had produced fruitful times of laughter and bonding through the game of soccer. While all of this is going on, I still had that longing for an opportunity to give these kids a testimony that would sweep them into the nearest church and bring them to the Lord by the time lunch rolled by. But I really did not know how that would look or work. Coach Boz started our morning early with a devotion on God’s knowledge and inversely our lack of it. Whether it was how clouds formed or why people cry or when flowers bloom, God knows it all. Well in today’s case, along with the week, He knew each of the kids’ hearts and what was stirring in each of them. This week, it’s been my absolute privilege and blessing to become something of a friend to a young boy named Jaiden. He is shy at first, loves to shoot on the “big” goal, and never lets his lego man go anywhere without him. I have been praying this week in how I can be that person to help bring Jaiden to the Lord. I wanted to be the gardener that planted the Lord’s seed in him. I was gonna minister to Jaiden in the best way I knew how, and no one knew Jaiden better than I did. So as we sat down during a water break, I asked if he went to church. He responded no, but he did go to church camp this summer. Seeing my opportunity, I said that I go to church, but that was shot down by his fascination in a ball that rolled into the mud. As we were getting up, I asked what he learned at church camp. At first he just smiled, not answering me, but with a little more asking I got him to answer. With the biggest smile and giggle, Jaiden answered that he learned about God. The joy that was on his face when he said that was unbelievable. I followed up his joyful answer with did he know and like God? And with the same joy, he responded yes. Needless to say, the rest of the day was filled with games of soccer and laughter for the kids. But it also humbled me in that the Lord is already working on the kids’ hearts. I am not the great, immensely loving gardener that He is, I do not know these kids like He does. All that I know is that i want to love these kids like the Lord does, and try to bring them the joy of knowing Him.



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