Last day of Camp

Yesterday was our last day running soccer camp for the kids in the Cayman Islands. It was a blast playing some of the campers favorite games including tiger tails, head it catch it, and then ending with a big scrimmage. However my favorite part of was at the very end of camp. Arguably some of the campers favorite part is trying to find a coach to give them a piggy back ride to take them to the water or spin them around if they are tired. Today I let my little buddy Jaheim jump on my back. I started singing, This little light of mine, and Jaheim chimed in right away and sang along. The fact that he knew the song perfectly startled me because I hadn’t gotten the chance to talk to him about Jesus and the camp that we ran was in no way a religious camp. Jaheim’s enthusiasm reminded me about the passage in Matthew 18 where Jesus is telling the disciples that a child like faith will be received as the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Jaheim and the rest of the campers reminded me this week just how sweet a childlike faith truly is and the Lord calls us to live that faith out everyday. Thank you for all the support and prayers!
-Colby “Coach Cheese” Pepper 


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