Use Us, Use Us Up


Here are a few thoughts to wrap up our time in Grand Cayman.

God’s provision for our group has been awesome to see. He is surely good.

The Lord has a unique and wonderful way of placing people in our lives at various times in various ways. I have been excited to reconnect here with two men I played against when I was at Covenant. Lee Ramoon and Neil Murray, both former King College players, are doing a tremendous job using soccer as a platform to help kids on Grand Cayman. These men have invested much of their lives teaching youth players through soccer. After both starring for the Cayman National Team they have tremendous credibility to use this beautiful game to affect the lives of countless children.

The youth camp the Covenant boys worked this week was hosted by CIFA (Cayman Island Football Association), which is headed by Lee. The opportunity to teach soccer and present Christ in this way has been great for the boys.

God has also placed Dennis Smith (Smithy) our bus driver front and center in all of our lives. Smithy a man, who has boundless energy, never is without a smile and seems to know everyone, has greatly enhanced our experience on the island. Laughter exudes daily from our bus all driven by Smithy. We pray that God uses the words and actions of the boys to work in Smithy’s heart.

Finally it has been my privilege to lead this group of young men on this brief journey. They are uniquely gifted as soccer players, but more so as men of God who truly care for each other and each one they have met. To watch their joy and passion teaching the kids about a game they love, but more importantly about their Lord and Savior, has been truly inspiring. We have asked the Lord to “use us, use us up” and I believe from the smiles and the lengthy naps he has.

Psalms 19: 1

“The Heavens declare the glory of God, the firmament sheweth His handiwork.”

This we were able to experience daily on this beautiful island with these beautiful people.

Coach Bosgraf




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