It is much more than that!


I captured this shot on the beach contiguous to the hotel.  Stare at it long enough and you will see what I saw. The water is approximately 3 feet deep where this photo was taken and it looks as if a translucent face is looking back at me as I look into the water.

Many years ago Bill Shankly of Liverpool said,  “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”

The lads from the mountain clearly resemble that thought, but not as Coach Shankly intended.  Watching them train, play and engage with each is an honor to watch.  They know that they have been called to play, and play they have, and continue to play they will.   To modify a well recognized quote, …you can see “when they play they feel His pleasure”

Over and out from the Scots Cayman Headquarters on 7 Mile Beach.


Game 1 outcome: 2-2 tie


2-2 is more than a tie when you come back from a 2-0 deficit away from home against the U-20 Cayman National team.

What was best about their maiden match?  Without question you could see the sheer enjoyment on their faces.  There was no place they wanted to be other than playing the Caymanians this evening.

Tomorrow is a training day with an important opportunity to enjoy the beach before the up coming Saturday match and the beginning of our soccer camps on Monday.

Much to be thankful for as we close out day two and welcome in day three.






Lunch mate?


Kitch had a delayed arrival today and while eating lunch at the airport waiting for his flight I had a lunch mate, though she will probably be another guests entree tonight.  The Caymanian Health Department operates from a different script than ours.

Team meeting scheduled for 6:00 and then to the bus we go and off to field for 7:30 match against the Cayman U-20 National Team.

Game photos will be posted later tonight.

All good from the Cayman front!

First Day Fully Baked



Cayman Dehydration Photo from Fully Baked First Day


First day of travel over – fairly uneventful, other than boarding and deboarding two planes in Atlanta before getting a third plane that could get us to the Caymans without mechanical problems and could meet the minimum takeoff requirements of weight to lift coefficient ratios. I am not sure if Bill Nye could have understood the pilot’s explanation as to why the second plane would not be our chosen aircraft. But finally, the third aircraft was to be ours. Missing lunch, but filling our carry-on bags with Delta provided bags of Oreos, pretzels and other nutritious snack food, took the sting off a travel day that started for most around 4:30 am.

Once we had wheels up in Atlanta the flight was uneventful. We landed to a sun soaked afternoon with a temperature and humidity index that would rival the fiery furnaces of old. Let’s just say our sweat was sweating.

First training session was great, though it had to be shortened due to heat and long travel day. We closed the first day with dinner at Coconut Joe’s. I am not sure if the food was as great as we thought it was or if we were simply famished. I say a little of both.

We closed the day with Coach Boz sharing insights from Paul Tripp’s book, “New Morning Mercies”. While rules of the trip dictate lights out by 11:00, most had already been turned off and players have turned in.

It is going to be a big day tomorrow with early morning training session and much anticipated game with the U-20 Cayman National Team.

More to follow tomorrow regarding our adventures in the Caymans.

We have come from the Mountain and we are here to serve. Keep us in your prayers.

Leaving the Country


Woke up at 5am, left for the airport at 5:30am, jumped on the plane at 8am, arriving in Atlanta at 9:03am, departing Atlanta 11am, arriving in Cayman 12:41pm

After being asked the question “what are you most excited about” the team responded: 

Joe- clear water 

Jesse- leaving the country for the first time 

Paul- using soccer for Christ

Cheese- exploring and meeting the beautiful people of the Cayman islands 

Nate- meeting some local people

JB- to roam the streets spreading the word 

Izzy – just trying to make friends

Henry- pursuing relational ministry with the local campers 

Ham- getting to experience a new culture 

Boz- To see how the Lord uses us and excited to see how we come together as a team while over seas

Jonny- snorkeling 

John- alone time with Jesse Riggs 

Ethan- play a lot of soccer 

Buzz- team bonding 

Josh- everything 

Matt- team bonding 

Kenny- taking a nap between here the Atlanta and Caymans

Carl- learning the stories of locals and spreading the word 

Caleb- can’t wait for some quality cuddle time with JB

We will send more post once we arrive and get settled in on the Island


Carl “I’m not Indian” Simakoff